Monday, March 25, 2013


*****BIG NEWS!!!*****

I am pleased and excited to make a few announcements. When I say "we are doing this" or "we are doing that", I am no longer referring to me, myself, and I. After a thoroughly enjoyable blast session with my longtime friend Dave Ehrlich this weekend, we have decided to partner up and make this record label happen. Dave has years of experience under his belt working for Relapse Records, as well as credentials as a certified grinder (Cadaveric Spasm, Epilepsy, etc). He is also way more organized than I am and more useful with a computer. While we are still planning on keeping the scale small, we should be able to effectively accomplish some big projects. This takes us to the next big announcement...

We have changed our name to Obsolete Record Cartel. Dave will be taking over the majority of the internet work, including setting up a Tumblr, Band Camp, Twitter, etc. An e-store should be up by the end of this week, as well as another release. If you haven't heard what we've already put out, click here for more information.

If you think that you or your friend's band would be a good match for Obsolete Record Cartel, send some tracks to We already have a few projects in the pipeline and are working on a extremely limited/non-existent budget, so please keep that in mind, but we want to hear from you regardless.

Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this project, any of our bands, or the DIY scene in general. Having fought for almost a decade in the trenches of the underground metal scene, we know that success is entirely contingent on the support of the fans, promoters, and bands who make things happen. I am proud to be a part of a community of musicians, artists, and passionate music-lovers who put so much of themselves into creating something amazing. Never fucking stop.

Keep posted for more updates, thank's for reading!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Equipment, New Releases, E-Store Soon to Come

These last few weeks have been extremely busy for me, though please understand that I'm not complaining. Being in at least 3 active bands and having a full time job while trying to nurture the seed of an independent record label is a formidable task. Fortunately, I've always liked a challenge. We're expanding our operation in a few different ways. Here's how:

Cassette Duplication: Right now, our method for dubbing tapes is painfully slow. This should be remedied by a new machine that will increase productivity by 300%. What this means is there will be less time spent dubbing tapes and more time focused on new releases and projects.

Screen Printing: We already have the ability to print t-shirts, tapes, CDs etc, but are currently extremely limited in what we can print. Now, we are upgrading to a 4 color professional press. This means we'll have the ability to create some amazing pieces of art, as well as eventually offer our services to other bands.

Audio / Video: Currently, we have the ability to record audio and video, both live and in a "studio" setting. I put studio in parenthesis, because right now we're working out of a storage space. There are other bands that practice near us and we are far from a sound proof environment, so trying to record other serious bands is hazardous, at best. However, we are working on the logistics of some live recordings for download and possibly even physical release. There will also be a push to have a YouTube presence in the not so distant future.

Right now, this is a solo operation that I'm doing whenever I have the time. As we start to grow and the needs of Obsolete Records & Tapes evolve, so will the structure of the business. I have been talking to a good friend with some experience in these sorts of endeavors and will be discussing a possible partnership over beer and weird grindcore jams. Until then, the focus is on the next release...

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Worst Episode Ever playing w/ HIVESMASHER this Friday!

This Friday my Simpsons themed grindcore band Worst Episode Ever (I know, I'll create a facebook page eventually) will be playing @ Kung Fu Necktie with Massachusetts grinders HIVESMASHER and Philly hardcore band SCAREHO (I feel sort of stupid now for having the only band that doesn't spell it's name in all caps). This will be our first show as a two piece, so you don't want to miss it. Check out the event page

We will have t-shirts and cassette tapes for sale, as well as merch from Doomsday Machine Schematic and Cadaveric Spasm, so pick up some shit. See you at the show!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New E-Mail Address

Our first 2 releases look great, thanks to anyone who bought either Doomsday Machine Schematic or Cadaveric Spasm cassettes. I am currently in the process of putting together a web store and a PayPal. The new e-mail address is hailobsolete at If you e-mail me, I will let you know when we are set up for e-commerce. I will also be putting up a Facebook and eventually a Bandcamp profile. Stay posted for more news, releases, and sweet-sweet merch.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NEW Doomsday Machine Schematic & Cadaveric Spasm Cassettes!!!

I'm very excited to announce that our first 2 releases will be available tomorrow at the Fuck the Facts show. They are both limited to 100 cassettes with download cards, so get them while they are still available. Below is a little information on both bands and their respective releases:

Doomsday Machine Schematic - S/T
Doomsday Machine Schematic plays spastic, technical grindcore at break neck speeds, giving nary a fuck for the well being of your eardrums. This is their first release since "Grind Opening" (Invasion Recordings, 2010) and contains 8 never-before-released tracks of blistering chaos. Approximate length - 11:30 mins. 100 purple cassettes with digital download.

Cadaveric Spasm - Mambo Number Grind
If you are looking for another brutal death metal band that works strictly within the formula of insert-brutal-ass-death-metal-band-name-here, than Cadaveric Spasm probably isn't for you, though they could be. If you are looking for a creative, think-outside-the-box, down right weird, sonic head-fuck of an experience, than you need to hear this. "Mambo Number Grind" is 9 tracks of balls-tripping grindcore / death metal for fans of Pig Destroyer, Gorguts, and the ruthlessly absurd. Approximate length - 15 mins. 100 black cassettes with digital download.


I will have information up soon on how to order, as well as more releases, merchandise, etc. Until then, you can e-mail me at jhnmorad-at-gmail-dot-com. Thanks, keep posted!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome! Now what the hell is all this?

Hello internet, interested persons, & world:

Welcome to the blogspot of Obsolete Records & Tapes. You will notice that the information on here may be a little sparse. Have no fear, with 5 pending releases all currently in various stages of production, this is going to be a pretty active endeavor.

First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is John Morad and I am (for now) the sole proprietor and operator of Obsolete Records & Tapes. I also play in 4 out of the 5 upcoming releases (Doomsday Machine Schematic, Elk Hunt, Worst Episode Ever, and AfterEarth), co-host the Too Gentlemen podcast, and occasionally work.

Secondly, I'd like to address a few question you may have asked, such as "what does Obsolete Records & Tapes do" and "why the fuck would you want to do that??" That's a little rude, but still, I'm glad you asked.

The focus of Obsolete Records & Tapes is to feature brilliant independent artists and provide high quality analog and digital music at a low cost. This is done by limiting inventory, rigorous control of production, and utilizing the years of experience I've aquired as a creator and consumer of music.

As to why? I'd counter that with "why not?" We live in a world over-saturated by fly-by-night, internet flash-fame sensationalism. Obsolete Records & Tapes seeks to put something real in your hand - Something that takes time and effort; something that has artistic value and worth. Our concerns aren't how many "likes" we get on Facebook or who's following us on Twitter. The only concern we have is for the quality of our work. Everything else follows.

On that note, I have some work to do myself. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming shows and releases, as there will be a lot of it. Thanks for getting involved.